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1. artroduction

2. Art like a motherfucker

3. Above us all

4. beavercoat

5. Fifth of july

6. The parks suite: lincoln

7. The parks suite: humbolt

8. BSM

9. Birdfeather of the lovelost

10. Evolution 2.0

11. RON is great

12. Art johnson

13. As we go down in flames

14. I can swim

15. Where to run two

16. Harry fortsucker

17. Art reprise (yeah bro)


Batch 10 is so artistic that it calls into question everything that you are and have learned in the past. You wouldn't understand. But in case you want to know HOW we make ART, read on. Batch 10 was recorded casually between mid-2010 and the end of 2012. It is the first recording to include Mike Maerz on the drums. The sessions were split between live full-band sessions at Whale's Mouth West and individual tracking, editing and mixing at Whale's Mouth East. These sessions were recorded at the same time that RON was putting together live shows and broadcasts. Special guests include RON regulars Peter James Zubinski and Justin Strackany as well as new RON family members Marshall Greenhouse and Wilson. Addition mixing and mastering done by Grayson Elliott Taylor in the spring of 2013.



Art               The Album Has Arrived

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